R.E.C. Van
Recreation Engaging Children

If you enjoyed the R.E.C. Van last season the FUN doesn't stop there! Rent the R.E.C. Van for your party! To schedule your rental or for more information, call (916) 422-7610 x12.

 The R.E.C. Van program features approximately forty scheduled park visits in the community and is “Bringing the Fun” back to your neighborhood. R.E.C. Van is a FREE, drop-in program for children of all ages.

This season, the R.E.C. Van is striving to maximize the experience of each of its participants, both by maintaining popular program elements as well as incorporating new activities, crafts, games and educational elements. Group games like flag football, hockey and dodge ball are offered. Artistic skills are encouraged through activities such as drawing with sidewalk chalk, coloring and painting, to craft techniques of making a beaded necklace. There are plenty of fun activities to go around and there are Recreation Leaders on hand to provide direction to the children and get them engaged and interested in something they may not have tried before!

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R.E.C. Van is not held on days when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, during rain, or on Save the Air Days. Call (916) 422-7610 ext. 17 for up-to-date information on the status.

Are you interested in Renting the R.E.C. Van for your future event? 

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 R.E.C. Van Rental Under 30 People  $95/hour
 R.E.C. Van Rental Under 50 People  $110/hour
 R.E.C. Van Rental Under 100 People  $125/hour


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