Parks Department

The Parks Department is responsible for maintaining the District’s 42 parks, landscape corridors and open spaces. This includes everything from mowing and conditioning sports fields, to keeping play equipment in top condition, to repairing mainlines and managing irrigation. The Parks Department is comprised of 23 full-time staff.

Contact Information

  • Dan Giammona, Parks Manager: (916) 526-0235 ext 117
  • Guy Gray, Assistant Parks Manager
  • Frank Crisostomo, Maintenance Specialist III
  • Dustin Lee,Senior Irrigation Specialist 
  • Robert Braun, Senior Irrigation Specialist
  • Joey Lo, Irrigation Specialist I
  • Jeff Smith, Landscape Specialist II
  • Ruben Ene, Maintenance Specialist
  • Raylene Gibbons, Administrative Assistant III
  • Joseph Gist, Maintenance Worker II
  • Anthony Gomez, Maintenance Worker II
  • Mike Lee, Maintenance Worker III
  • Pao Lee, Maintenance Worker III
  • Xiong Lee, Maintenance Worker III
  • William Lee, Maintenance Worker
  • Rudy Raya, Maintenance Worker
  • Joseph Wakefield, Maintenance Worker
  • Armando Zapata, Maintenance Worker
  • Arturo Avina, Maintenance Assistant
  • Eric McCutcheon, Maintenance Assistant
  • Nick Doyich, Maintenance Assistant
  • Pedro Silva Gonzalez, Maintenance Assistant
  • William Davis, Maintenance Assistant
  • Mclean Walsh, Maintenance Assistant
  • Chris Royeton, Mechanic

If you have a specific request related to park or facility maintenance, graffiti abatement, etc. please fill out a Maintenance Request Form.