District Projects

The Southgate Recreation & Park District maintains a tradition creating places conducive and adoptable to many different recreation activities, which allows residents to foster a healthy lifestyle. In order to satisfy the needs of current and future Southgate residents, it is essential to maintain and/or renovate existing facilities to incorporate new trends in facilities and park planning. The planning department is responsible for both short and long term planning functions related to the District’s Master Plan, the Sacramento County General Plan, and other special planning area projects within its service area, as well as reviewing environmental and policy planning documents that may have bearing on District operations or facilities.

The planning department reviews subdivision maps within its boundaries, and oversees park and recreation facility planning and development; including parks, parkways and trails, outdoor recreation facilities, community centers and landscape corridors. Over the next twenty years the District will focus on projects within its existing community plan areas like North Vineyard Station, Vineyard Springs, and the Florin-Vineyard Community.

Through planning, the Southgate Recreation & Park District will define amenities desired by its residents and allocate funding to construct projects that help create community for Southgate District residents!

Facility Rentals

The District has a variety of community center and park rentals to meet your large or small group gatherings, family functions, weddings, corporate retreats, birthday parties, and more!