Future Projects

Proposition 68 Grant Update

Voters approved Proposition 68 on June 5, 2018. The measure authorized $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration, water infrastructure, and flood protection projects. The largest grant is the Statewide Park Program, administered through California State Parks. This program will award funding through competitive cycles totaling $650,275,000. To qualify, a project must be in an area with less than 3 acres park per 1,000 residents or where the median household income is below $56,982.  In 2019 the District applied for and received $3.6M to renovate Nicholas Park; a project that is undergoing design and you will hear more about in the future.

Now, the District Board directed staff to apply for two more locations, both of which have the potential to expand existing parks. In March, the District applied for $XM to augment an existing grant of $2.3M to expand and revitalize the Fruitridge Community & Aquatic Center and Park and $XM to expand and renovate Jack Sheldon Park. This grant cycle is the largest park grant program in California history with $395,302,155 available for competitive grant funding; however, it is highly competitive and anticipated that less than 10 percent of requested funds will be awarded. Announcements are due towards the summer of 2021, so hopefully we will have good news to report in our next issue of the Southgator.