Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC)

Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, from District 2, is looking for Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC) members for:

  • South Sacramento Area Community Planning Advisory Council – 3 open seats
  • Vineyard Area Community Planning Advisory Council – 3 open seats

The purpose of these districts is to participate in the planning process, review and propose community goals and objectives and provide local management of the district.
The applications can be found at:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Mamie Yee, Deputy Chief of Staff to Supervisor Patrick Kennedy at (916) 874-5481. Thank you.

County General Plan

Sacramento County adopted its General Plan of 2005-2030 on November 9, 2011.  This document will guide growth and development in the County over the next twenty years.  Thousands of County residents attended meetings, workshops and hearings to help shape this plan.  Southgate Recreation & Park District’s planning staff actively participated in the development of the Public Facilities and Open Space Elements.  Key strategies of this updated plan include a focus on economic growth and environmental sustainability, addressing the issues and needs of existing communities and establishing a new framework for accommodating the growth of new communities based on smart growth principals.

Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan Update

The Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) dated December 2010 was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on April 12, 2011. The BMP is developed to complement the Circulation Element of the County General Plan Update, which includes goals and policies to develop a balanced transportation system for automobiles, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians.

The Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan is intended to guide and influence bikeway policies, programs and development standards to make bicycling in Sacramento County more safe, comfortable, convenient and enjoyable for all bicyclists. The ultimate goal of this effort is to increase the number of persons who bicycle in Sacramento County for transportation to work, school, errands, and for recreation. District staff has worked with the County to ensure that the proposed trail systems in the District are represented as accurately as possible.

South of Florin Area Infill Development Plan

The South of Florin Area Infill Development Plan dated August 2010 was prepared to guide development in the South of Florin Area (SoFA) neighborhood as a complete community with a distinctive character.  The Infill Plan is sponsored by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) in cooperation with Sacramento County, with participation by California-American Water Company.

Gateway Safety Project

The County of Sacramento and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency have completed preliminary designs for pedestrian/gateway  improvements at two prominent locations within the South of Florin Planning Area (SoFA) including the corner of Florin Road and Florin Mall Drive and the corner of Florin Mall Drive and 66th Ave.

The second location involves frontage improvements at the Jose Rizal Community Center and the Southgate Library.  These gateway locations were identified within the South of Florin Area Infill Development Plan and were proposed to serve to orient visitors and residents and reinforce SoFA as a unique community. The intent of this first phase of improvements is to make enhancements to the public realm that are visible to the community and promote pedestrian and bicyclist presence in the area. The gateway improvements will include: pedestrian crosswalks, accessible curb ramps, decorative permeable concrete plaza paving, and concrete seatwalls.

Olde Florintown Special Planning Area

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Old Florin Town Special Planning Area (OFT SPA) was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 25, 2011.  The intent of the OFT SPA is to preserve the Historic Village Center, create additional housing opportunities, and to create a theme for the area with development standards and design guidelines.  The OFT SPA is located within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County, along Florin Road approximately between Power Inn Road and Florin Perkins Road/French Road, in the South Sacramento Community Plan Area.

The District previously reviewed and commented on this plan regarding parkland dedication requirements, infill development, trail alignment along the Florin Creek drainage corridor, parking, and inclusion of a parkway along Alta-Florin Road.  The District’s concerns were considered throughout the County’s development of the Old Florin Town Special Planning Area planning documents, land use diagram, and development standards and guidelines and were satisfactorily addressed and incorporated into the FEIR.

Old Florin Town Streetscape/Monument Area at McComber Street and Florin Road

The County of Sacramento has a preliminary layout and design for the Old Florin Town monument area at the corner of McComber Street and Florin Road along the southern boundary of the District’s parking lot. Proposed improvements include a 40-foot high water tower monument in a plaza area with enhanced paving, seating and low decorative walls and decorative screen fencing. The area will also include street trees and other plantings.

This monument area is part of the enhanced streetscape planned for Florin Road and serves as a focal point in the Old Florin Town Area which will serve to orient visitors and residents to this unique community and will help to promote a pedestrian presence in the area. Phase I of the streetscape construction is from Pritchard/McCurdy to McComber Street. A traffic signal is proposed for the corner of Florin Road and McComber Street to serve the businesses and park users.

Florin Vineyard “Gap” Community Plan Area

In 1999, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors initiated a community planning program for the Florin-Vineyard area, also known as the “Gap” area. The proposed Florin-Vineyard Community Plan area covers approximately 3,450+ acres and is located within the communities of Vineyard and South Sacramento. The term “Gap” has been used to refer to this area because it is located between the existing urban area to the west of Elk Grove-Florin Road and a comprehensively planned urban area to the east (i.e., North Vineyard Station and Vineyard Springs).

The Florin Vineyard Community Plan was adopted in December of 2010 and individual project applications were approved in early 2011.  Additional build-out of the plan area will be reviewed on a project by project basis.  Southgate Recreation and Park District will work with the County and individual project applicants to ensure that the parkland dedication requirements are met for each project and for the planning area as a whole.  A pedestrian and bicycle trail network will be aligned within the Elder Creek open space and “Green Street” 35-foot parkways will be provided along Gardner Avenue and Hedge Road.

North Vineyard Station Specific Plan Area

The North Vineyard Station Specific Plan was initiated by the Board of Supervisors in November of 1993 and approved on November 4, 1998. The Specific Plan area is approximately 1,594 acres in size and is bounded by Florin Road to the north, Gerber Road to the south, Elder Creek to the west and the extension of Vineyard Road to the east.

Southgate will own, operate and maintain the parks and open space throughout the North Vineyard Station Specific Plan Area.  A pedestrian and bicycle trail will be aligned within the Gerber and Elder Creeks open space areas.

West Jackson Highway Master Plan

The West Jackson Highway Master Plan is a significant Sacramento County project that encompasses nearly 5,900 acres in the Vineyard and Cordova Community Planning areas. The project includes more than 17,000 homes; 17 million square feet of commercial real estate including retail, office and industrial; and 270 acres of urban farms. Approximately 2,600 acres of the project are located within the northern portion of the Southgate Recreation & Park District along Jackson Highway. The District is working with the County and applicants in the conceptual development and siting of approximately 780 acres of parks, open spaces, and multi-use trail corridors throughout the plan area. The intended result of this process is to create an overview of future park and recreation amenities in relation to residential and commercial centers.