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Park Information

This park was one of the District’s first two parks, along with Kenneth B. Royal Park. E.J. Crofoot was a local developer with business interests in the area in the 1950s, and he was executive vice president of Park Place, Inc., which donated the land and building to the District in 1957. Crofoot Park is a cozy green oasis in the Parkway Estates neighborhood. Nestled next to the small clubhouse, the park has served families in the Parkway area for decades. Play equipment and areas to relax are the key features of the park. The land for this park and the adjoining clubhouse were donated to the District by the Crofoot Family in 1950s as the Parkway community was developed.

Crofoot Park

Address: 7259 Circle Parkway
Year Built: 1957
Size: 2.1 acres