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Park Information

Florin Creek Park is one of Southgate’s earliest developed parks and remains today as a lovely expanse of green, enjoyed by children and adults alike. A large pond at the park is periodically used for California State Department of Fish & Game’s event “Fishing in the City,” in which fish are planted to teach youth to enjoy fishing, a sport they may never otherwise experience. Plenty of pathways throughout the park create a pleasant walking circuit, and an outdoor amphitheater (adjacent to the Recreation Center) provides a unique entertainment or event location.

In 1972, a park-naming contest was held for this site, and the winner was a local 5-year-old boy who submitted the name “Florin Creek Park” because the Florin Creek runs behind the park.

In 2016 Florin Creek Park was expanded and developed in to a joint-use stormwater detention basin. New land was acquired and the park was dug out to create two stormwater detention basins as deep as nine feet. This joint use project will help protect the neighborhood residents from flooding. This award-winning project was a tremendous effort between many local and regional agencies.

Florin Creek Park and Multi-Use Flood Control Basin

Address: 7468 Persimmon Avenue
Year Built: 1973
Size: 17.3 acres