• Lighted Basketball Court
  • Lighted Parking Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Play Areas
  • Shade Structure

Park Information

As you travel along Fruitridge Road you might miss this park site, as it is somewhat hidden behind the Fruitridge Community and Aquatic Center; but once you enter the park, you’ll be surprised at it size and features! The park’s amenities are sure to fulfill a variety of recreational and sports activities, including basketball, soccer and more.  The District will expand the park with 1.5 acres of new property from the Yoshino family adjacent to the Aquatic Center that will be developed in 2022 with a $2.3 million grant from the State of California.

Getting to Fruitridge Community Park is easy: you can drive to one of the park’s parking lots, or there are several convenient pedestrian access points for the surrounding neighborhoods. Mature trees line the perimeter of the nearly 10-acre park, providing pleasant seasonal scenery changes. This is truly an active park enjoyed by young and old alike.

The Fruitridge Community Park is one of five properties obtained from the County of Sacramento in 1984 by the District’s annexation of County Service Area #4A Fruitridge.

Fruitridge Community Park

Address: 4000 Fruitridge Road
Year Built: 1980
Size: 11.4 acres