• Community Garden
  • Full Basketball Courts (2)
  • Playgrounds

Park Information

Parks are true community assets, and they can change over time to respond to community needs. Rainbow Park was originally a traditional small park with play areas and basketball courts but evolved to include a large community garden where neighborhood residents can experience fresh, local food by growing their own fruits and vegetables. In addition to the nutritional benefits, gardening provides a fun and natural way to get fresh air, exercise, and spend time with family, friends and neighbors.

The property for Rainbow Park was obtained from the County of Sacramento in 1984 by the annexation of County Service Area #4A Fruitridge, and later developed into the park by Southgate. After construction of this park a naming contest was held, with the goal to find a moniker that highlighted the cultural diversity of the local area. A local schoolgirl came up with the name and won the contest.

Rainbow Park

Address: 6121 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Year Built: 1986
Size: 1.7 acres