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Park Information

Rutter Park adjoins and enhances the open space areas surrounding James Rutter Middle School, creating a large, landscaped space for this established community. The park’s green grass and mature trees soften the view for several blocks as you travel along Palmer House Drive. Rutter Park is a perfect spot for a family picnic, a game of soccer, or to simply enjoy open space. Additionally, the adjacent Middle School features baseball/softball fields used by the community.

Both the park and school names honor renowned horticulturist, James Rutter. In the 1850s, Rutter planted the prize-winning Florin Flame Tokay grape, and for almost a century, Florin was the center of the Tokay grape production. Among his many accomplishments, Rutter was the first grape grower in Sacramento County, the first person to raise Tokay grapes in California, and had the first irrigation pumping system in
the state.

Rutter Park

Address: 7420 Palmer House Drive
Year Built: 1978
Size: 6.3 acres