The Elder Creek and Gerber Creek Open Space Preserve is a corridor that includes the floodways and uplands to Elder and Gerber Creeks. Required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to contain and buffer the 100-year floodplain for Elder and Gerber Creeks, the Preserve will be jointly operated by the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources and the Southgate Recreation & Park District. The County will manage flood control elements of the corridors while Southgate will maintain and operate the multi-use trail and general upkeep of the properties. After decades of planning, significant segments of the Preserve native plantings and trail are anticipated through 2022 with other sections phased with development in the North Vineyard Station Specific Plan and Florin-Vineyard Community Plan Areas. Ultimately, a multi-mile pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian network will be aligned within the Preserve corridors, linking to parks and other trail networks in the Florin-Vineyard Area.

Elder Creek and Gerber Creek Open Space Preserve/Trail

Location: Florin-Vineyard area, between Florin Road and Gerber Road to the north and south, and Elk Grove-Florin Road and Bradshaw Road to the west and east
Year Built:  2021 and Future
Type: Open Space Preserve / Trail
Size: Approximately 110 acres