Tillotson Parkway is a well-used community asset, providing an extensive and safe off-street route for walking, biking, and even skating. The 4.5-mile parkway is considered one of Southgate’s most significant and impactful park-related developments. It was carefully planned and constructed over a number of years as development in the eastern portion of the District grew. It connects numerous neighborhoods, roadways, and parks via a meandering greenbelt that contains landscaping, trees, a wide pathway, and occasional areas for recreation. Many developed park sites connect to the Parkway, including Edwin A. Smith Community Park, Brittany Park, Hardester Park, Illa Collin Park, Boulder Glen Park, Cochran Park, and Churchill Community Park. In the future, there will be a connection to the Laguna Creek Trail through Smedberg Middle School at the Ogden property.

Subdivisions in the area were developed with the Parkway in mind, and link to it through numerous cul-de-sac and street access points. This provides thousands of local residents with the ability to experience the convenience and beauty of this recreational amenity without having to drive a car. Interestingly, beneath the Parkway, from Power Inn Road to Elk Grove Florin Road, are two major sewer interceptor pipelines owned by the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

In 1987, Tillotson Parkway was named in honor of former longtime Southgate Board member Howard P. Tillotson. During his 22 years on the Board of Directors, Tillotson was a vocal advocate for off-street biking and hiking activities.

Howard P. Tillotson Parkway

Location: Edwin A. Smith Community Park to Smedberg Middle School
Year Built: 1988 and Future
Type: Parkway/Trail
Size: Approximately 4.5 miles in length