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The Laguna Creek Parkway is a linear open space corridor along sections of the Upper Laguna Creek. Here you’ll find a unique way to engage with nature whether on foot, bicycle, or horse. A gravel parking area just east of Vineyard Road at Clover Ranch Drive provides a convenient meet-up spot for equestrian trailering rigs, offering easy ingress/egress.  The Class 1 trail meanders through the open space preserve between Vineyard Road Excelsior Road and is about 2/3 of a mile. The trail continues across Vineyard Road just north of Crystal Creek Drive for 1/3 of a mile then terminates.

The Laguna Creek Parkway Trail is an important resource for many reasons. It serves as a regional connector as part of the Sacramento River and American River Parkway trail systems, which will ultimately form an 80-mile loop connecting Southgate and South Sacramento communities to City of Sacramento, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Folsom and El Dorado Hills. Beyond its recreational benefits, this multi-use corridor preserves the open space and habitats along the creek from development and facilitates drainage, flood control, and water quality.

Laguna Creek Parkway

Location: Along Laguna Creek in the Vineyard Area
Acres: 128 Acres
Year Built: 2002 and Future
Type: Bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian and multi-use parkway
Size: When fully completed it will be approximately 8 miles within the District