Lap and Rec Swim

Preregistration is required for all programs.

8025 Waterman Road, Sacramento, CA 95829

4000 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95820

Recreation Swim

Recreation swim is closed for the season/will reopen in late May 2021.

Rutter Swim Center to Close

Plans underway to replace Rutter Swim Center with new aquatic facility

After almost 50 years of service to our community, Rutter Swim Center was closed in 2019. The Center, which was constructed and operated in a successful partnership between the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) and the Southgate Recreation & Park District (SRPD), requires extensive upgrades and repairs to meet safety and other functional requirements of a commercial swimming pool. However, because the swim facility was built in 1970 and requires significant upgrades to serve the community, it has been determined that repairs would not address the overall shortcomings of the pool and would therefore not been an effective long-term use of very limited resources. Rather than making a significant investment to achieve a functioning 1970s-era facility, EGUSD and SRPD are working collaboratively to obtain approximately $2.6 million that are necessary to replace the current Rutter Swim Center with a modern swim facility to better serve the community.

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