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We Want Your Feedback: Community Redistricting

Dec 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

We are looking for your feedback! The District Board Member Division boundaries must be redrawn every 10 years using U.S. Census data in order to make the five divisions as equal in population as possible, so that each board member represents the same number of constituents. The District population has increased to 134,089 in 2020.  The District has drafted three new Board Member Division boundary options to include our approximately 16,548 new residents since 2010.  Most of the population growth has been in the Vineyard Area of the District so some divisions will be expanding in that direction, mostly to the east.  Please look at our current Board Member Division boundaries here.

Option 1: Redistricting_Map_2021_PlanA_Draft

Option 2:Redistricting_Map_2021_PlanB_Draft

Option 3:Redistricting_Map_2021_PlanC_Draft

We will be holding another public meeting on February 1, 2022 at our Board of Director’s meeting at Fletcher Farm Community Center at 7 pm.  After review and consideration of the various options, the Board is expected to approve a final Board Member Division Map at this meeting.  If you have any feedback or questions, please email Juanita Cano,